Send me a “؎” for my muse’s reaction to yours offering them a lollipop that was in their mouth.


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Reblog if you are a very insecure role player.




"The moment you pick up a sword you become a target. The moment you kill everything changes."  

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Send me a ➳ if you want to interact with my character, even if we’ve never talked before.

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Demons of Another King || steel-fxng


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"Ah.. you’re definitely a demon,
but not the kind of wolf I’m
used to seeing! Uh, who are
you now?”

"how the hell do ya not know who I am!?"  he asked with a horribly offended look upon his face"the name’s Kouga, and I’m the leader of the Eastern wolf tribe” he looks at her with a curious look in his blue hues  "who are you?” 


painful starters

"Loving you was a mistake."
"I hate you."
"You left me alone."
"There's nothing left to say."
"Was s/he better for you?"
"I'm sorry ---- I'm sorry I left you there."
"What do you mean, it's over?"
"Please don't say that."
"I can't forgive you."
"You turned your back on me!"
"You don't get to come back and try to win me again."
"I'm not giving a seconds change."
"What do you care if I die?"
"What do you care if I get hurt?"
"Who are you again?"
"This is over."
"I don't want to see you again."
"I can't do this. I can't see you anymore."
"I can't see you with her/him."
"I need to leave."
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It’s not a fantasy! I’m in love with you, Kagome!


鋼牙。髪の毛下ろした。 by Riyu

※ Permission to upload was given by the artist

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